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Baseball in Denver

My week in Denver is going well, the database test is progressing (though, as always, we won't get through everything we need to do), and tonight a small group of us headed downtown to a Denver Rockies baseball game. We had an multi-discipline group, which was nice--it's not uncommon for the team for each database subsystem to more-or-less keep to themselves. But we had Krissi and me from water use (and from Albany, NY and Atlanta, respectively), Roy from ground water (Miami), Jim and Liz from surface water (HQ in Reston, Va. and Miami), and Kent and David from water quality (Fort Worth and Urbana, Illinois). All we lacked was someone from the database development team.

We splurged on the good seats--24 rows back behind home plate, and I was looking right down the first base line. It was nice weather, if a little cool--I ended up dressed in shirt, hoodie, jacket, and gloves by the end of the ninth. Krissi and I ducked out around the 5th inning to wander the stadium and shop a little, as she's a big Rockies fan and wanted to stock up on Stuff. So we did, emerging from the store as the 7th inning was in progress. We then started to walk the other 3/4 of the way around the stadium, made a pit stop, and another store stop, and got back to our seats....and the 7th inning was still in progress. San Diego had had a 7-run top of the inning. The final score was 14-5, but we'd all had a good time (and only Krissi was a committed Rockies fan...). Nice evening.


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