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Fish the cat develops a new skill

I arrived home this morning after my hour-long exercise class to a quiet house. Not uncommon, as the cats often settle down for their morning snooze and can't be bothered to come and greet me. I wandered into my bedroom to remove the aerobics shoes, and looked around for the cats. Not on the window shelf, not on the bed, not in the chair. Now I was curious, so I wandered to the living room--no cats. No cats in the study, nor in the guest bedroom. I came back toward my bedroom calling for them, but got no response. I was going to start checking places like closets, but decided to stop in my bathroom first--and there they were.

Agatha gets fed on my bathroom counter, and her food, for convenience, is kept in the cabinet over the toilet. Fish has been very interested in the cabinet for this reason, and if I open it, he will jump to the top of the toilet tank, stand on his hind legs, and try to reach out and around to the cabinet bottom shelf. He can manage that, but I've felt confident that because of the awkward angle, he would not be able to pop open the cabinet door by himself--it's held by a magnet latch. Well, either I left the cabinet door ajar, or my confidence was misplaced, because the cabinet had been opened, the plastic jug pulled out, and the food spilled. The jug lid and most of the food landed in the open toilet. The jug itself and the rest of the food landed on the floor, and both cats were busily stuffing their faces while I was wandering around the house looking for them.

The cat food has been moved to the pantry, which has a doorknob. I'm pretty sure Fish can't turn a doorknob. Yet.


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Jan. 30th, 2004 08:42 pm (UTC)
That's a very persistent cat, that is.

Sounds like an impressive mess too.
Jan. 31st, 2004 03:44 am (UTC)
Indeed it was. I used the lid to scoop out as much as possible, and flushed the rest. Through some good fortune today was trash day and all this happened before the truck got to my house, so the wet mess, double-bagged, went out to the street.
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