Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


The 2005 tax return has progressed to the stage of "print it out to check the numbers". TurboTax doesn't allow for this step in its printing--I think they think you will type carefully and then rely on their checks to find other errors. And while I do know how to make TurboTax print out only what I need to check, I always forget the first time though. And I always do a check on paper, putting little tick marks to be sure things match. I can't edit either text or numbers very thoroughly on the screen.

So, I have 38 pages of stuff to wade through, including the payment vouchers I won't need because I'll pay the Federal electronically. Good thing I did print it duplex, even though the front-and-back pairings are not logical. And in my slightly A-R way, I'll print it out to make the front-and-back bits come out properly when I'm making my final file copy.

Will tackle number checking tomorrow night, when the brain is fresher.

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