Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Nasty commute, for once

(Oh, dear, I opened up iJournal to find an unfinished post from 13 April or so. Guess I've gotten behind again. That post has been deemed 'no longer of interest' and has been flushed.)

My normal 15-20 minutes to drive the 9 miles from work to home turned into 70 minutes today. I don't know what the DeKalb County Fire Department (including a HazMat truck) were doing at Shallowford Plaza, and especially why it required that one fire truck sit in one of the two lanes for west-bound traffic on Shallowford Road, as they were cleaning up when I finally got to that point. After inching along for 50 minutes, I was just glad to be able to accelerate to the speed limit.

And why didn't I take an alternate route? Well, Atlanta's lack of a gridded road system makes that a little hard, plus I was sure (until getting past the first major intersection) that I knew what the problem was, as they've been messing with the timing of that traffic light. I was 15 minutes getting past that light one day last week, when it's normally a cycle or two. And once past the light and still in the bumper-to-bumper traffic, there were no good options except to keep going.

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