Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Laptop has been ordered

The Apple rep did call back, and placed the order for me. Supposedly the new amount will get charged and then a refund of the difference will be processed. And the laptop should ship in 1-3 days, which is good, because the current one has a dark band across part of the screen tonight.

Forgot the mention the wireless fun. Wireless is verboten--don't know if this is government wide, or just the Dept. of the Interior, but it's regarded as a security risk and therefore we aren't supposed to have it. But these days, most laptops come with wireless, and the PowerBook is no exception. So, it seems it's OK to get it, we're just not supposed to use it. But if you have a wireless network at home, it's sort of "don't ask, don't tell". Using a wireless connection in a hotel is probably out.
Tags: computer

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