Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Fish strikes again

filkferengi asked about the cats, which reminds me that I've been meaning to write a couple of posts on them. First up is another devil Fish action.

A week ago Friday around 11:30 PM, I'd finished packing for Denver and had settled into bed with a book. Fish wandered through the room, and shortly thereafter I hear this tink-tink of ceramic on tile. I (correctly) deduced that he had jumped on the bathroom counter and was shoving Agatha's food dish around a little--figured he was after either a bug or some small food fragment that had dropped on the counter. Seemed harmless...until he knocked the bowl off the counter and it shattered.

Cleaning up ceramic shards and vacuuming the bathroom floor and throw rug was not what I wanted to do at 11:30 PM. And the food dish was a very pretty one with a matching water bowl that I'd found at Target--I really liked that bowl. A quick trip to the local Target Saturday morning was fruitless, but then I found a replacement at the SuperTarget in Denver. In fact, I bought 2, in the hopes of staving off another breakage. In a more practical secondary effort, the new bowl now rests on a rubber mat, greatly increasing the coefficient of friction between bowl and counter.
Tags: cats

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