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Been a while since I spent some real time in the garden. Last weekend would have been ideal for tackling the weeds, as it had rained the entire week before. However, I was in a post-travel veg-out mode and did nothing. This week was dry, so no weeding--it'll be much easier and more effective if I wait 'til things are moist.

I did plant blue star creeper between some of the stepping stones leading to my brother's house. The original plan was to put something low and aromatic between the stones, so it would smell good as you walked. Creeping thyme was my thought--but it's proved very hard to find. I've got the one plant I did find at the patio end, and started the blue star at the fence. If the blue star creeper likes the location I may let it take over, or try to have some zones of each. If I can find more creeping thyme, that is.

I also worked a little more on my oh-so-slow path project--decided how to handle the necessary curve, bought enough stones at Home Depot to complete the project, and dug out (I hope) the roots that were in the way of placing 4 stones that make up one of the curves. I also discovered that the 70-pound bag of sand I bought a couple of months ago is completely beyond my strength to pick up. It's been sitting in the corner of the garage--I think I must have hefted it from the car (where it was loaded by someone at HD) the three feet to there. I did manage to tumble it into a plastic tub, where I tore off the top and started removing the sand I needed. Eventually I'll be able to heft what's left.

Let's see: I moved 2 blue hostas from an area of deep shade to beside the path, in front of the garden shed--still shady but less so. Hopefully they'll do better there--they'll certainly be more visible. Wired some sasanqua limbs to the fence separating me from the Walkers' house, pruned limbs that were headed away from the fence, and put some of those prunings in pots in the hopes of rooting a few more plants. Trimmed some ivy invading from the Walkers'. Whacked at a few bushes with the manual hedge-trimmer--did enough to give the Confederate rose in between two boxwoods some breathing space, but I ran out of energy and arm strength and so those bushes have clipped sides and wild tops. (The Confederate rose isn't a rose, BTW, but a hibiscus...) Must get out the stepladder and the electric trimmer soon. And I did do a little weeding, especially of things that looked about to go to seed.
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