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New laptop

The new laptop is here! Last night FedEx still showed the last scan of the package as Shanghai, but when I got to the office it was waiting.

Decided to finish the complete sync of my old laptop's hard drive before doing anything else. I started the sync in case of a complete failure, as the office computer support has quit backing up the Macs. (It's now going to be up to us to do our own backups by whatever means we choose, putting the files on a server file area. Not to be feeling too discriminated against, they're going to quit backing up local drives of the PCs, too--we are advised to do all our work on the server partition that's locally mounted. They will back up the server.) Anyway, the sync was started last Thursday once I got ChronoSync installed, and ran for a couple of hours. I started it again yesterday, and it ran all day and finished about half of what was left. Started it again this morning when I got in, and it finished at 4. We do need to upgrade the office Ethernet wiring...I'm told the head honchos have the faster speed, so they don't see why the rest of the office needs an upgrade.

Anyway, I decided I couldn't wait, and booted up the new Mac as soon as the sync started. I decided to use the migration tool that's built in to the initial Setup program to move everything possible, even though I know some things will need to be reinstalled and other things will need an upgrade to run under Tiger. When I left at 5, the two laptops were communing over Firewire. In the morning I'll start to see how the migration worked out.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with Web mail ('cause I didnt' think to sync my Eudora files with the iMac last night) and severely out-of-date newsgroup settings. Must start regular sync of that sort of stuff at home, once I get the office backups going.



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Jun. 22nd, 2005 05:13 pm (UTC)
Is this what you call the [time-] sync of iniquity? ;)

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