Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Yet another weekend idled away

Well, sort of idled away. Friday at least was busy, it's just Saturday and Sunday that seem to have been mostly spent working jigsaw puzzles.

I did get part of the "shopping for Daddy" list done-- I and my sister-in-law made another clean-out run at his linen closets last trip, after he complained about the decorative strip ripping off a towel. As neither he nor Beatrice (long-time housekeeper) will note ragged edges, worn-out elastic on sheets, rips, tears, etc. and do something about them, we make these periodic assessments, remove the worst towels and sheets, and replace them. I bought 2 sets of towels, two bathmats, a set of twin bed sheets, a pair of pillowcases, and three mattress pads of varying sizes. I still need more mattress pads, though, as we decided that every bed in the house needs a new one--must try another store this week. We're all going down for the July 4th weekend, so I'd like to find everything and get it washed. The last load of new towels is drying as I type.

Also on Friday, I bought more of the blue star creeper for the walk, and finally found a creeping thyme that I like--"Annie Hall" is the name on it. The one burst of non-jigsaw-puzzle energy yesterday was spent planting all these. The creeping thyme I've decided to put around the single stepping stone that's located at the gate between the driveway and the side yard. And it nicely rained overnight and today, so hopefully that will give all the new plantings a good start. Oh, and I worked a little more on the walkway, getting 2 stones in their mostly final position, and starting to dig out the bed for the next 4.
Tags: garden

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