Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Initial browsing for kitchen stuff

Gah, I hate shopping. And shopping for stuff for the kitchen remodeling is worse that most, because I a) have very little design sense, though I love the results when someone who does puts together components that work, and b) almost all items on the shopping list are Significant Purchases (that is, $$$$).

The shopping list my designer sent me includes:
floor tile
kitchen cabinets
cat room cabinets
kitchen countertops
cat room and laundry room countertops
kitchen sink
laundry room sink
sink faucets for each
wall oven
exhaust fan (hood or one that rises from the counter)
wall tile for kitchen
pendant lights for the breakfast bar area
microwave (maybe--it's the only appliance that I might keep, but it might be better to get a new one instead of trying to find a built-in kit for this one)

So, I've been procrastinating on the shopping list. Tomorrow I'm meeting with my designer to try and get a start on this--maybe she can help me get the cabinet style and countertop decisions done or nearly done, and then I think I can tackle appliances on my own, using my brother and sister-in-law for consultations and/or reinforcement.

I did make a short trip to Home Depot Expo today and wandered through the sample kitchens looking to see if anything spoke to me. All was pretty quiet, unfortunately, though I'm pretty decided that I want a simple cabinet design in natural or stained wood (that is, not painted), and with no hardware like drawer pulls--use finger grips instead. (I know there's a better term for this, but the brain is blank at the moment.) So that should give a pretty clean look. I also spotted a floor style I liked--it was 12" tiles in groups of 4, then a 6" tile used to offset the next group of 4 12-inchers. The color varied some from tile to tile, but the general effect was a medium earth-tone. Of course, I asked one of the roving "design specialists" what is was, she sort of gave me an answer, but then promptly led me to a different area to look at a completely different type of tile. And I should have thought to just ask "so tell me, why are you showing me this tile in contrast to the one that caught my eye? Is it your personal preference, or do you feel the other is too busy, or what?". But of course, I think of these things too late.

I told my supervisor that I'd work from home before my appointment (designer's coming at 11), and then would come into the office in the afternoon. I'm now thinking I'll just take annual leave for the day and try to do some appliance research on the Web, and then deal with some household chores and pack. I'm headed to my father's on Friday for the weekend, as is my brother's family. They're doing a little travel sadism this week, as they got back from a week in Nassau today and then head to Moultrie on Friday. I'm not sure that's time for them to get all the laundry done...
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