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I met with my kitchen architect/designer for close to 2 hours today. She had brought a draft plan and a set of cabinet elevations for me to go over, plus we talked about some of the other "shopping list" items and hopefully gave me some direction on the search. Kitchen cabinet finish will be stained maple, in a not-too-dark stain--exact tone to be picked in conjunction with the floor tile and the countertops. The utility room cabinets will be painted, and those countertops will be laminate.

We rearranged the sink/dishwasher area to suit my left-handedness, and I did give her some additional details on things, like "stainless steel sinks, kitchen one deep and 2 unequal compartments", "kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer", "5-burner gas cooktop with sealed burners, continuous grate if I can find one I like". I will try to stick to the 27" wide wall oven she has currently in the drawings, as I think that will be a comparable capacity to my current narrow-but-tall-and-deep oven of 1960's vintage.

Oh, and lighting. I want fairly large ceiling fluorescents in both kitchen and utility room, and she suggested under-cabinet fluorescent strip lights for most of the task lighting. I'll keep a smaller fluorescent fixture over the sink, either on the wall like the current one or on the ceiling--that's my "night light", turned on when I'm out for the evening and want a light on in the house so I don't come home in the dark.

I don't think I've posted the link to the page where I'm going to try to put some stuff tracking the remodeling as it progresses--all that's there now are sketches of the future and current floor plans, and some notes, but I may try to scan these better plans and the elevations over the weekend.

Better head to bed--I've got to get up in the morning and do another load of laundry, then pack and head to south Georgia to my father's for the weekend.



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