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Weight Watchers milestone

A year ago I hit my goal weight at Weight Watchers. I'm about 5 pounds under that now, and have been holding around that mark (the 5-pounds-under mark, that is) since about last September. I decided to make the official goal the max. allowed for my height, but to really shoot for something under that. At my lowest, the total loss was just over 50 pounds--most weeks it's more like 48-49.

I've probably said this before here, but this is the third time in my adult life that I've lost significant amounts of weight. This is the first time (I think) that it has lasted anything close to this long. I definitely recall that the time I used NutriSystem I never reached their maintenance phase--as soon as I stopped eating the special food, the weight started to climb.

I'm still keeping a food diary. I still go to WW meetings every week if I can, which is almost every week. I can also still see how easy it would be to shift back to larger portions and much higher calorie foods (I'm not one who has lost her taste for the high-fat stuff!), so I plan to keep on doing what I've been doing to keep the weight off.

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