Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Kitchen renovation: working on the Shopping List

Kitchen renovation shopping behind the cut, with photos. Kibitzing welcomed...

I spotted a floor tile and design I like at Home Depot Expo: I'll have to go back and get the details on the tile name and color tomorrow. But here's the look (click on the picture for a larger view): floor tile and pattern

The cabinets will be Wellborn Premier series, door style of Milan, in maple, in "Light" stain--very plain, and fairly light colored, as the floor is somewhat dark and busy. cabinet

Countertops: still debating options. One option is a "granite" (all stone that isn't "marble" (really marble or limestone) is "granite"--my petrology class is too far away for me to do more than say "most of these are nothing close to a granite, and those are geisses if anything") called Colonial Gold:

But the granite shop couldn't give me any cost on it at all--they say I'll have to have a fabricator make that estimate. So I looked at Corian, Silestone, and other "fake stone" options to have a point of comparison. One possible Corian is "Oyster": corian

A Silestone possibility is "Ivory Coast", though I'm not as thrilled with the look as with Corian. The Silestone is supposed to be tougher--you can put hot pans down on it, etc. which you can't on Corian or granite. Supposedly. But both the Silestone and the Corian options definitely look like fake rocks. Corians that aren't trying to look like rock just look like extremely expensive Formica, at least in the colors I was looking at. Also looked at Zodiaq and Cambria samples, but these looked more fake than the Silestone, probably because they were coarser-grained. silestone

Backsplash: We looked at one tile place, and I spotted a couple of "listellos" (word for the day--means a narrow border in Italian and in decorator-ese) that I liked, and also saw several other options in accent tiles that I'd put against a neutral background. Mostly floral designs--ivy leaf imprints on a dark green glazed tile; fern shapes; a very pretty set of natural leaves, one per tile on 4" tiles; a dark green tile with a tree that sort of looks like the Tree on the Liaden T-shirt. I conclude I need to figure out how many tiles I would need in each style (listello or 4" accent tiles), and then come back prepared to select and buy the accent and background tiles. They don't seem to keep things in stock long enough to just write it down and expect the contractor to get it later.

Next up: appliance shopping. Maybe Friday I'll get back to the high-end place for refrigerator, wall oven, cooktop, and dishwasher. Washer and dryer I'll look at a regular Home Depot, I think.
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