Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

But wait...I've changed my mind!

Let's scratch that last post about having picked a floor tile and countertop for the kitchen remodeling. I made Yet Another trip to Home Depot Expo yesterday (intending to write down the details on the floor tile), and spotted another option. Discussed this with my sister-in-law and a friend of ours who has an artist's eye, and went with the new selection. It's called Crossville Cream Multicolor, in their "Quartzite" line.

It's a lighter color, though still has a good bit of color variation, and is a little less polished looking--it's "unpolished porcelain tile" instead of "glazed porcelain tile". With a lighter floor that I think will look less busy, Friend urged me to look for a granite for the countertops that will be a focal point, and not just "looks good, blends in with cabinets and floor". I will head back to the granite shop (or maybe a different one) with the new tile and a cabinet sample in hand, with my designer, to look for a granite with a little more character. She's ordered samples of the tile, so we'll make the trip when those come in.

Harking back to my long-past petrology class, I'm thinking a gneiss with some distinctive banding of the mafic (dark-colored) minerals, probably still in a "gold" as used by the stone industry. Maybe something like this. We'll see what catches my eye...
Tags: remodeling

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