Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Dining in Augusta, Maine

Mostly for rolanni and kinzel, who offered possibilities for places to eat in Augusta...

So far, not bad. We went to Hallowell to the Chowder House for lunch, where I had a corn chowder and a half turkey sandwich. Those with the fried haddock sandwiches made the better choice, I think.

Before dinner three of us went over to the University of Maine campus and walked part of their trail system for about 40 minutes. We then decided to return to Hallowell to a brew pub (the Liberal Cup) that had been recommended by someone in the local office. However, it turned out that they were having trivia night and at 7 PM were completely booked for dinner. We walked down towards Slates, also recommended, but it was fancier than my companions wanted. So back to the car and back to Augusta proper, where we ended up at Beale Street BBQ. I had some very good ribs, Memphis-style as the name implies, the only complaints being a) the only thing green offered on the menu was a small salad selection if you don't count the cole slaw (and I don't), and b) why come from Georgia to Maine to eat barbeque. But the ribs, a la carte, with a orange-almond salad, made a very nice meal. We shut the place down, being the absolute last diners in there as we finished at 8:15 PM. Guess they really do roll up the sidewalks at 9.

During our search for a dinner spot, we also had a nice drive through downtown Augusta, crossed the Kennebec River, drove through part of the old armory, by the old fort that's a national historic site, AND successfully navigated one of the two rotaries (roundabouts/traffic circles). Twice!

The only other recommendations from the local foodie were Damons for sandwiches, Java Joe's, Woofy's for fried seafood (lunch), and two Thai places. Probably won't try any of those tomorrow, as we'll pick up lunch and stuff to grill for dinner and head to Smithfield to the home of a recent retiree that most of us know. We'll take over his deck for our afternoon meeting, and then have a cookout and social gathering afterwards.
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