Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Another gully-washer

I had hopes that the frequent afternoon thundershowers, some of them violent, had left the Atlanta area for a while. But noooo....

Around 3:30 this afternoon the thunder rumbles started, and off and on the rain was heavy enough to hear the pounding on the roof. (No window in my office.) About 4 were some impressive cracks of thunder and the power blipped, then went off. By the time I started to reach for my mini-flashlight it came back on, though I kept hearing the cricket chirp of UPS units from somewhere down the hall. Investigation showed that somehow maybe a third of the office had power. Lots of people left for the day, but I stayed and finished reviewing a fact sheet.

When I left at 5 the downpour was reduced to light rain. Traffic really wasn't bad on my route home until I got to the stretch of Briarcliff Road that I drive, where I found a slow-moving line of cars. This turned out to be the result of water over the road on the low spot at Echo Lake--cars were driving through it, but it was enough water that people were taking it slowly. Sort of. For Atlantans at rush hour.

The lake itself (pond, really) wasn't that high, I think--looked like the street drain that should have been dumping into the lake was clogged. The little cattail pond on the upstream side of the road might have been overflowing, though.

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