Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Yet another thunderstorm

I left the office (again) during a downpour, with lots of lightning around if not striking too close. I left a little late if I was to make it to Jazzercise, but made good time until the stretch of Shallowford Rd. near I-85. Finally got to the source of the problem (traffic lights on the west side of the I-85 bridge were out) knowing that Jazzercise was impossible. I decided to make a needed grocery store stop for milk, cereal, and such--but the convenient grocery store there had no power, either. Diverted myself north on Briarcliff (good move, as southbound was backed up), went to the Northlake Publix, did my shopping, and got home at 6:30.

I had good intentions of doing my Jazzercise DVD this evening, in lieu of my class. But I put it off until 9 PM, and consequently only lasted through about 30 minutes before deciding I was pooped. Maybe I'll ride my bike around the neighborhood a little tomorrow to make up for it...

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