Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Bureaucracy and names

Why can't the names of government offices be short? Especially if I have to write a check to them?

Specifically, why does a reasonable name like "DeKalb Animal Control" change to "DeKalb Animal Services and Enforcement" , which won't fit on the Pay to line of my checks? Must be because the tag fee (for altered dogs and cats) was increased from $3 to $5--they need the extra presence to handle the increased income.

Agatha has been pronounced free of parasites (duh--she's never outside and we don't have fleas), stable of weight, and has had her rabies and distemper shots for the year. She's hiding under the bed at the moment, just in case I try to put her back in the carrier. She'll forgive me by supper time, I'm sure. I actually let her out of the despised carrier for the 3 minute ride home from the vet, but she found the view of the strange landscape outside the car windows so distressing that she began open-mouth panting in stress. Poor fraidy-cat....
Tags: cats

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