Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Playing with Fish

Fish the cat, that is...

Fish is not quite a year old, and still very playful. A frequent behavior is for him to drag one of his toys-on-a-stick (something tied to a string, tied to a short pole) through the house to the room where I am, then drop the item in the doorway in a not-so-subtle bid for a playmate. When the toy is the wooden-handled "Kitty Tease", you can hear him coming from three rooms away, dragging his toy on the hardwood.

So tonight, he dragged in the "crab toy"--small ball of yarn wound around 3 pipe cleaners, tied to a string and on a stick. And I played with him for 5 minutes or so, though he really wasn't all that excited about it after all. He then went away, and I went back to the computer. He arrived again, this time on the desk, and dropped his crinkle-ball on my keyboard. OK, I can take a hint--it was back to playtime, especially after moving to the main cat-hockey playing area, the large expanse of hardwood floor in the weird room (it's the dining room, and the piano is in another corner, and a small desk, and there's still a large expanse of floor--I've never known what the builder intended it to be).

Now playtime is over, and Fish is snuggling on my lap. Must be close to bedtime...
Tags: cats, fish

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