Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Calming down some...

I've calmed down a good bit from yesterday, having vented here and other places. Had a long chat with my sympathetic current supervisor, who told me that funding isn't that much worse than before. But then he gave me the list of names of the other people who have been offered buyouts, and it's clear that Ed is not working so much on reducing his salary costs as getting rid of people he doesn't value or who annoy him.

I determined that a buyout is actually possible for me, but I'd have to resign instead of retiring because of my age and number of years of service. So given that I like what I do, and that the financial part is a very bad deal for me compared to getting to retire from the government, I'm definitely not interested.

This weekend I'm going to work on composing an email to Ed to try and explain, subtly, how badly his approach to me for reduced hours could be interpreted. :) Call it an attempt to educate a clueless manager. And then I'll go about my job as I always do, being careful to send out the budget request to Headquarters (already in the works) to cover 2 months or so of my time.

There was one parting shot at the end of the day: got an email from John (who I'm guessing will be my new supervisor when Tim retires) asking me to update my bibliography so it can go in a packet for people on the detailee list. He provided one pulled from the current online reports tracking system, but that started in 1997 (and didn't have my latest publication on it, for one, in any case).

This might take some time: I don't maintain a resume and bibliography anymore as I haven't been planning to change jobs, so the last one I've done is probably a decade or more old. And probably not in electronic form, either. I decided that this update could wait for next week, finished up some other things I was working on, and left for the weekend.
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