Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More on the work situation

I sent off an email to Ed (head of the office) yesterday, following up on last week's meeting where he asked if I'd cut back my work hours or take a buyout. After several rather angry drafts, the final version just recited the facts from my viewpoint, and asked why I was singled out to be asked those two questions.

This morning he summoned me to his office this morning to discuss it, but I didn't get much of a response. He made one attempt at a bluff: "You don't know if I asked the others this privately." "I do know, because I asked them." He waved the list of items that the Regional Office told him he had to try because of the funding problem, and said this was on it. I said fine, but treat everyone the same.

He finally said (as I suspected) that as I was already part-time, he thought I might want to work even less. I tried to tell him that it seemed to me that making decisions based on his guess of people's desire to work was not a good thing--I don't think I made an impression.

The upshot was that Ed said he would approach the other 8 people in the office who are unfunded and ask them the same questions, so I wouldn't be "singled out". (Well, better late than never...) I promptly relayed this to my office neighbor who's in another of the groups that is unfunded, and asked her to let me know when/if Ed asked the questions. We'll see...
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