Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Not a good morning

5:50 AM. A small pottery vase and the little metal tray that it was sitting on crash from the top of the tall (4-ft) dresser onto the floor about 3 feet from my (sleeping) head. After my heart re-starts, I get up, clean up the worst of the shards, and go back to bed.

After I'm conscious, I conclude that the cleaning crew must have shifted the vase to some location where Fish's usual leap from the top of the bookcase to the top of the dresser knocked it off. I didn't even see Fish--he left the scene in a hurry when the crash happened.

8:30 AM or so. After sleeping through a couple too many snooze cycles, I'm simultaneously fixing my bowl of cereal and my lunch when the power goes off. I dig out a battery-powered lantern so I can see well enough to cut out the bad spots from the strawberries, and move it to the table so I can read while I eat--it was gray enough this morning that there wasn't enough natural light. It was almost 9 when the power came back on, so I could finish toasting a bagel, make the sandwich, and head to the office.

Luckily the rest of the day went a little better than the beginning...
Tags: cats

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