Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Bathroom remodeling in absentia

The contractor called last week and wanted to do my bathroom work (countertop replacement, along with new faucets, lavatories, and toilets) today. My sister-in-law agreed to cope with this, which means shutting up the cats and letting the workers into the house. Let me note that the same contractor is replacing windows at their house this week, so she had to be around for some part of the day anyway.

Then on Monday my roofer called, and wanted to install my new power attic vent and to replace the rusted-out furnace Called my sainted sister-in-law, and she agreed to deal with him, too.

So today at the farm show, I spent a good bit of time on the cell phone getting updates from s-i-l. Except for the period that the cell-phone load overwhelmed the available circuits and people got shunted to voice mail, that is. (They bring in a portable cell tower for the show, but apparently that wasn't enough...)

The good news: the roofer is done and left an invoice that I'll pay when I get home. S-i-l says the counter in the master bath is in and looks good. The guest bath counter, on the other hand, was done in the wrong color, so the fabricators have been sent away to get the right color, the plumber who was to hook everything up was cancelled, and my house is without a working bathroom at the moment. (I guess--it's possible the plumber was to remove the old toilets when he came, so those might still be functional.) I'm glad to be out of town, and the contractor has checked to see when I'm due back to be sure (I hope) that things are done before I get there.

There was some persistent confusion on this Corian color: the fabricator had left a sample tile of "vanilla" for me, when that was never a color I considered. What did they come in with? "Vanilla". Hopefully they will show up Thursday with "linen", and get it installed.
Tags: bathrooms, remodeling, sunbelt

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