Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Ag. show, day 2

Day 2 bits and pieces, and photos, behind the cut...

What does an AgriBusiness Building look like? Here are 2--the yellow one in the background is the one my booth is in this year.

My booth:

Fluorescent Light Guy: the washed out area at the top is the row of light bulbs. Not a sharp photo--I must have moved a little...

rap rap-rap RAP clang clang-clang CLANG: Fluorescent Light Guy and a guy at the Papa's Little Cookers booth conduct a small war of annoying noises.

At 9:00 each day someone sings the national anthem. Because of the (thankfully) low volume on the public address system speaker in this building, we may not realize this is underway until several phrases into the song. Today I finished a conversation with someone, heard some noise from the speakers, and realized what was going on by looking at the HyPro guy ("HyPro: Delivering Solutions for Asian Soybean Rust"), who was in sort of a 'present arms' position with the wand of the backpack-sprayer he was wearing.

I wander to the livestock area this morning-missed the milking demo at the Got Milk traveling education trailer, but did admire Rambo the calf as he napped beside his mom's pen. Rambo has a way to grow before his name will seem appropriate.

A man had an alpaca out on a halter and lead, letting people pet it and passing along miscellaneous alpaca iacts. Did you know that alpacas only have teeth in their lower jaw? I then wandered into the alpaca building, admired the wool yarns and knitted stuff for sale, and took pictures of the very cute recently sheared animals.

Went through the cattle area, hearing part of a talk on the new ID system that will tag each animal with a unique number, admired the massive bulls, and declined to subcribe to Georgia Cattle magazine or to enter a drawing for free bull semen.

Hit the Georgia Peanut Commission building, nibbled on samples of peanut brittle and spicy fried peanuts, but passed on the grilled PB&J sandwiches. I'm a reluctant peanut butter eater unless it's straight from the jar, so grilled PB&J is decidedly unappetizing. And let's not talk about the fat content....

It was hot today--high 80's (F) I'm guessing, if not in the 90's, and the crowd seemed to quit early. Though lots of people kept flowing through the building during the last couple of hours of the show, almost no one stopped to look at the literature or to ask questions.

One more day to go, then we'll pack up the booth. I've decided to spend tomorrow night with my father, then will get up early and drive back, return the gov't vehicle, and go home to see what's happened with the bathroom remodeling.
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