Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Health: good

I had an "annual physical" today, probably my first in 15 years or so. I seem to recall having a physical offered by the employee health clinic in the Federal Building in Jackson, Miss.--that must have been in the late '80s-early '90s. The chest-pain scare of 2 years ago probably ran me through most of the basic physical exams, too.

I'm not opposed to physicals, but they are one of those things that I procrastinate on. I'm religious about my annual pap smear/pelvic exam and now mammogram, but the general physical just didn't ever seem to happen.

But anyway, I finally called for an appointment, waited the 6 weeks or so for an opening, and then went in today. And I'm in good health. My doctor is still marveling that I've lost the weight and kept it off. BP is normal, no internal organs are enlarged, lungs are clear, reflexes are good, EKG must have been normal because he didn't mention it. He checked to see if I was getting enough calcium, ordered a blood count, cholesterol, and thyroid tests (I'm on a statin for cholesterol, so the last 2 get run every 6 months anyway), and we just chatted. He offered a recommendation for a cereal he liked, I reminded him that my brother had been in to see him a few weeks ago (and he remembered that B. lives next door to me), I showed off my PDA when he couldn't believe I had 150 books on that little thing, and he wrote down the title of a book he's reading that I want to try: Salt: A World History. I've requested it from the library.

Oh, and I asked if I could get a flu shot: they were out, but are hoping for a new supply next week sometime. I'll probably watch for a grocery-store type opening, rather than fight the office admin at this Emory Clinic sub-office.
Tags: doctor, health

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