Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

ConDFW: Friday evening

I got to the hotel just after the first panel ended: naturally, Lois Bujold (my main reason for attending this con) was on it. Even if Dallas traffic and road construction hadn't delayed us, I probably couldn't have made it. Got checked in (springing for the extra for a premium room to gain free Internet hookup in the room, and a fridge) and talked to Victoria L'Ecuyer who was in line behind us, then wandered through the dealers room. Spoke to Steve Salaba of Software Toys and Tees when he spotted my Vorkosigan polo shirt, then to Lois who was making the rounds of the booksellers to see if anyone had Irresistible Forces. Met Louann Miller and Stephanie Folse (no, I don't manage to find people myself, I hang around with Jerrie Adkins, who will find every listee in any crowd!). Some of us migrated to the con suite, where Jerrie gave Lois a back rub as we waited for time for her first book signing.

Book signing seemed to go well, with a line that didn't get too long but which kept Lois busy for the full hour. Then a group of us (me, Jerrie, Louann and her friend Silvi (may not have spelled that correctly...), Marianne Collins and her brother, and Lois went to an Indian restaurant that Silvi knew off. Much food was consumed, then it was back to the con for opening ceremonies, and then up to the Lynette (meerkat1)-and-Pilot (tygerr) list room party.

And what a party: lots of food and drink, lots and lots of listees. Assorted kids wandering through (or being carried through, in baby Jamie's case) providing entertainment. Great conversations. Lots of clowning. Many photographs were taken, and will be produced in short order. Some of the evening panels seemed interesting, but somehow I spent the entire evening at the party.
Tags: con, condfw

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