Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Christmas procrastination

The trip to the upcoming funeral and family gathering (this coming weekend), and the various items I need to help with, are destroying what little bit of energy I was putting toward Christmas shopping. Or that's my excuse, anyway.

I did start on a list at the end of last week, in consultation with my sister-in-law. It's not that many people, really, but we need gifts from ourselves, gifts from my father (to other family members and for ourselves as well). And in addition to the Christmas round, we exchange small Hanukkah presents (well, I give them to the nieces, nephew, and sister-in-law, and generally get one in return), and my younger nieces has a Dec. 30 birthday. That all adds up to an appreciable shopping list.

I did go to the Container Store today, always a good place to look for small gifts especially from their "stocking stuffer" items. I encountered a number of too-cute-to pas-up items, did get one gift (for elder niece, will be from her granddaddy), but the one item I had spotted in the the stocking stuffer catalog was sold out, no more until February. What about the Buckhead store? Same deal. I guess it looked cool to a number of other people, too...
Tags: christmas, shopping

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