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Cleaned the iron stains from the downstairs toilet bowl with much elbow grease and Zud cleaner.
Cleaned the downstairs lavatory to a lesser standard, leaving various hard-water deposits for lack of time.
Cleaned thick accumulations of grease from the kitchen sink (stainless steel) with Zud, although I had to quit when I ran out of time and various spots are still there. This cleaning spilled over to the ledge behind the sink, and then to the backsplash, which unfortunately just shows the grease more than before where it got colored with the cleaner. I suspect this grease accumulation started before my mother died in 1997, and continued as the long-time housekeeper (recently retired) got older and the cleaning got a little more surficial. Which we knew, but were so happy with Beatrice's other virtues that we (me and my brother and sister-in-law) just deep-cleaned on our visits as something caught our eye. I don't think the sink ever attracted our attention...
Cleaned all the kitchen counters.
Vacuumed all the downstairs floors/carpets, and the carpeted stairs.
Added some additional chairs to the living room, as the family will gather here tomorrow before caravanning to the cemetery for the graveside service.

My older brother arrived around lunch, having flown from N.C. to Valdosta and rented a car. We promptly sent him to Subway to pick up sandwiches.

Not long after that, cousins Richard F. (brother of the deceased) and Richard C. arrived with Richard F.'s 2-1/2 year old daughter. So we then had a nice visit--I was putting ham on a platter for tomorrow's lunch, so the crowd stayed in the kitchen area, mostly. But then that's the gathering point in this house, anyway--the kitchen and "back porch", long since converted to a breakfast room that is separated from the kitchen by a counter.

The crowd departed to head for their hotel and dinner (and to join up with Richard F.'s father and step-mother). Me, my father, and my older brother took a drive around town to show older brother what's new, then we went to the Blue Sky Grill for dinner as no one (read me) had come up with a dinner plan. Well, I had plans for if the extended family wanted to eat here, but we'll do that tomorrow night.

Looks like younger brother and older niece will try to drive down tomorrow morning for the funeral, and may return home that afternoon. Sister-in-law wisely decided to stay in Atlanta with younger niece and the nephew and keep working on getting this diabetic routine down.


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Dec. 20th, 2005 08:37 pm (UTC)
Sounds far too busy!

I hope you get [got?] in some good visiting time with your family.
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