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Quiet, with leftovers

Yesterday evening we had leftovers, with added soup. My brother's family had been packing part of the afternoon, when the kids could be pried away from their new toys--they go visit sister-in-law's family in Arizona every year right after Christmas. Then we had the dessert (the strawberry squares tasted just as always with the Splenda Blend), and then s-i-l dug out the menorahs and lit the candles for the first night of Hanukkah. Busy holiday period...

This morning I rode with them to the airport and brought their van back--I'll pick them up Saturday. Then we loaded Daddy's luggage into my car, packed a small cooler with some of the leftovers, and hit the road to south Georgia. The ride down was smooth--almost no trucks on I-75 (a welcome change), though there were cars enough to make up for it. Got there in just about 3 hours, which is about as fast as I ever manage it. We unloaded, I went to the bathroom, and then headed back. Had to stop for gas and lunch at Perry (halfway), and then hit the traffic at McDonough about where it had backed up the day after Thanksgiving. After about 13 miles of slow-to-stopped, it opened back up at the I-675 shortcut to the east side of Atlanta. I got back about 3:45 or so.

Now I've raided the fridge next door for more of the leftovers than were already at my place, eaten a selection thereof, and I think I'm headed for bed. Maybe with the audio book of Paladin of Souls--I was listening to part of it as I drove north (having started the paper version for some comfort reading over the weekend), and now I'm up to Arhys's last battle. Should be good bedtime reading.


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