Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Kitchen renovation

And on my own renovation, about which there has been very little to say, due to procrastination on my part and distraction on the part of my architect/designer...

I have final plans, and left messages with 4 contractors this morning to ask to meet them and show them the house. Three of them already have copies of the plans, and the fourth should get them this week (if my architect gets my email). Two have called back, and I have one appointment set up. The other call-back is the guy without the plans, and he wants to get them before we set up a meeting.

The process is that I meet with all of them, then pick 3 to actually prepare a bid. That may take 4-6 weeks, I'm told. Then my architect will help me evaluate the bids, and I'll pick one and sign a contract. It may be March or April before work actually starts, I'm thinking.
Tags: remodeling

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