Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Coming to GaFilk? Know some G&S?

Anyone out there coming to GaFilk who's something of a Gilbert and Sullivan fan? Or willing to learn a little? Through one of those odd coincidences, the Super Secret Guest (Karen Anderson) turns out to be on a low-volume mailing list that I'm on, too. (WimsicalSherlockians is for fans of Lord Peter Wimsey and Sherlock Holmes.)

Anyway, she mentioned it, I said I'd be there, and she asked for help with the chorus of a couple or three G&S filks she'd like to do. I Am Not A Performer but I did agree to help, however I said I'd try to recruit some additional voices too. joyeuse13, are you and Aaron coming? Could you ask some others of the Atlanta filk crowd, as I don't think many of them read my LJ?

The songs are:
"If You Want a Receipt" (TTTO "If you want a receipt for that popular mystery", Patience)
"If You're Anxious For to Shine" (Patience again)
"Scientific Officer" (TTTO "I am the captain of the Pinafore", HMS Pinafore). "Scientific Officer" needs at least 2 helpers to handle the spoken lines.

I've got the G&S on my iPod, so a quick practice session could be arranged for anyone who isn't sure of the tunes.

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