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Aerobic exercise for the evening

I was just zapping some leftovers for dinner when this loud pounding came at the door. Took a minute to figure out which door and flip on the light, to see that it was Wayne the pet sitter, who is taking care of my brother's dog Lindy while they are in Arizona. (I'm a cat person, and while I like Lindy, the full dog-care routine is not for me.)

Lindy had escaped when Wayne went in to feed her, and she bounded off toward Pangborn Road at the entrance to our subdivision. Wayne came to ask if I knew if she had done this before and where she was likely to go. He got in his car and headed out: I collected a jacket, put the leftovers out of reach of the cats, and started walking down the street.

It was dark and foggy, so spotting her was not easy. Wayne abandoned the car quickly, as Kelly (neighbor across the street from me) spotted Lindy in her yard. In the end, we roused a number of the neighbors (several of whom joined in the search for some amount of time), tramped and ran across several front yards a number of times (Lindy followed her usual pattern of dashing from one place to another and back, evading capture all the while), and finally caught her. At the point when the crowd of 10-year-old girls from the Long's sleepover were assisting in the chase (as was Bryan Long), I ducked into my back yard to turn on my lights and to open the gate into my brother's back yard in case Lindy was moved to go in on her own. When I emerged, the crowd of yelling girls had quit chasing the dog and were playing a game, and Wayne and Lindy had disappeared. I got a flashlight and started trying to spot the dog again, and finally heard Lindy and Wayne headed toward me from deep in the neighborhood. When I saw them, Lindy just ran to me and let me grab her. Wayne had chased her completely around the loop of my street, Pangborn, Kahanna, Hawaii Ct., and back to my street. Total escape time, about 45 minutes. It may have taken a few years off Wayne's life: the dog-sitter's worst nightmare.

When Wayne came over to drop off my improvised rope-leash, he said she'd just tried to escape again. (Of course--she had a great time!) And that he'd taken her on a long walk already today...clearly, that just whetted her appetite.



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