Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Take-Care-Of-Myself Week

It's the week I try to do things for myself (not that I'm not pretty self-indulgent most of the time), thus yesterday's mammogram and today's massage. The mammogram was surprisingly easy--my experience has been that sometimes it actively hurts, other times it's unpleasant, and occasionally it's not really a problem. I attribute this partly to the skill of the technician, partly to my body (where in my cycle am I, and the weight loss seems to have helped), and partly to the "who knows" factor. This year was definitely a "not really a problem" year. There was also the addition of a foam pad that the tech put on the plate before positioning my breast--no more chill! Why couldn't someone have come up with this 10 years ago?!

The massage was planned as a post-Christmas stress reliever. Very successful...

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