Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Thanks heavens for my headset

Conference call no. 1, a meeting of the Water-Use User Group, started at 10:30 and went to 12:15 It's a monthly call that normally goes to 12:30, but the committee chair had a meeting at 12:30. Well, 9:30 his time--he's in Portland, OR.

Then at 1:00 started a call-in to a face-to-face meeting of the Executive Steering Committee, which sets overall policy for the USGS water database software and decides on the budget. That call, I thought, was one where I could put the mike on mute, half-listen, and work on some other things. But things were not set up as we (on the Water Use User Group) had thought, and they wanted a presentation from each User Group. As the chairman was at his cooperator meeting, so I agreed to do it...with no preparation. And because of many side discussions, several of which I needed to put my 2¢ into, that call lasted until the conference bridge cut us 5:00.
Tags: work

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