Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Bid progress

Met with my architect this morning, and talked over the 4 bids. I've now called the very low bidder and said "no thanks"--it seemed way low to me, and my architect pointed out that if he seriously underbid (and it looks to both of us that he did), the danger is that he might run out of money and be unable to complete the job. Plus you wonder about quality of workmanship if he's that far out of the range of the others.

I also eliminated the second-highest bid from contention, as I didn't feel as comfortable with the contractor. He's not been in business for himself that long...didn't really have any strong negatives, but I didn't click with him.

That leaves the fairly high high bid, and the third highest. I had the best impression from the lower of these two--until the last week of trying to get the actual bid, and then something on the bid. (He didn't get prices on my carefully picked out appliances, but went with what his preferred appliance dealer carried. Then gave me a big sale about how well the guy knows his models, and I should talk to him and see if I liked what he had. Well, maybe--but the contractor should have gotten prices on what I said I wanted, too.) I've called this guy for a couple of clarifications, and I called the high bidder and set up a meeting with her to talk about where she's high and if there's any options there. That is, we're negotiating. Which this particular contractor indicated to me and to my architect that she was willing to do.

I'm comfortable with either of these two contractors, and I'm really trying to decide if I'd just rather go with the lower one despite the appliance thing and his somewhat slow delivery of his bid. But it won't hurt to meet with the high bidder and see if she can find a way to get her cabinet pricing more in line with the others...that'll happen Friday afternoon.
Tags: remodeling

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