Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More on the bidding

High bidder for the kitchen renovation has called to say she's got revised number on everything but the cabinets (which was the number that has a prayer of getting her in range of the other bidder). She's now trying to get a price on the Wellborn cabinets that I specified in the plans, and suggested that I meet her at a local showroom for a Wellborn distributor to take a look at them.

Good plan--I wanted to do this in any case, to look at various accessories (like spice racks, silverware inserts, etc.) before finalizing the exact order. And if she hopes that arranging the excursion will help us bond and therefore sway me towards her bid, I have no problems taking advantage of that. <g> I'll meet her at the cabinet place (at Howell Mill Rd. and Brady Ave.) tomorrow afternoon at 3.
Tags: remodeling

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