Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Home again, home again

I'm home from Denver. Good week of database testing, a not-so-pleasant flight home. Colorado's having a wonderful ski season, it seems, and this is the height of the spring break skiing. Which probably accounts for me not being able to get anything but a center seat at the back of the plane even though the ticket was booked a month in advance. Tried to get on the flight that left an hour and a half earlier, but it was overbooked by 15. My flight was also overbooked--they were offering $200 for Atlanta-bound passengers to give up seats, $400, hotel vouchers, and meal vouchers for those with connections.

So, center seat between two businessmen, each with his Blackberry. Mom and two kids in the row behind, with the kids periodically going through 20-30 minute long sessions of kicking and/or bumping the seat. A half-turn and glare after 15 minutes or so would get Mom to take action, but it would only start up later.

But I had books: the fourth Weather Warden book in paper for the "no electronics" phase, Hallowed Hunt on the PDA because the list discussion is making me re-read my favorite bits, and when the eyes and brain got too tired for that, Murder Must Advertise by Sayers as an audiobook on the iPod. Didn't finish re-reading it during last month's discussion on LordPeter, and it's too much of a favorite to leave in the middle.
Tags: books, travel

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