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More kitchen packing

The day has been spent, mostly, packing. I lapsed during the week and didn't keep up the "box a night" pace, so today was an attempt to catch up. Started with the china, inventorying as I went, then moved on to other serving pieces, glasses, and miscellany. There's always more miscellany...

Result: six boxes packed today, all "book boxes", which seem a good size for this sort of stuff. What's left in the kitchen is mostly either things I'll keep out for the duration, and a few items for these last two weekends while I still have a stove and an oven. Tomorrow I'll tackle the utility room as I do my laundry, because on Sunday I head back to Denver. I did take a break today to run some errands and go to Weight Watchers, where it was revealed that I've managed to lose the 2 or so pounds I put on during the last Denver trip 3 weeks ago. I've resolved to do better during this trip: don't add the extra point or two at breakfast and lunch, and stay out of the chocolate!

After the utility room is emptied, I need to pack the fragile items from the little desk that might encounter some construction activity, pack the various pictures that have been removed from the walls, and move the piano and the music bookcase away from the wall that is losing a door. Then spend some time covering things for additional dust protection--I'm thinking I'll cover the upholstery of the dining chairs, the piano, and the closest bookcases. Carpet remnants are going on the hardwood floors in the hall and the dining area/temporary kitchen once I buy some carpet padding.

Somewhere in here I've got to find time to work on my taxes...
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