Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

WW, weeks 14-17

Way behind on updating the WW tracking, too...

Week 14 saw me down 1.6 pounds, and then on week 15 (which was in the worst of the scramble to finish the work project) I was down a rather unbelievable 3.4 pounds, getting me to a total of 25.6 pounds down. You get a little refrigerator magnet for the 25 pound milestone--I almost refused it on the grounds that the weigh-in was an anomaly.

Perhaps I should have, because last week I bounced back up 2.6 pounds, reducing the net loss to 23. Back on track this week, though: I was down 2.2 pounds today, so I'm back to a more-than-25-pound loss.

I also set a goal weight last week, picking the top weight allowed for my height (something my meeting leader seemed to expect). I'd really like to get at least 5 pounds under that, but setting my official goal at the maximum allowable gives me a larger safety cushion where I can fluctuate without losing WW lifetime status. Lifetime member status reduces what you have to pay for attending meetings, I think.
Tags: ww

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