Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

When the hotel fire alarm goes off...

Things remembered when the hotel fire alarm went off at 1 AM: put on shoes and a jacket (protection against embers), take the room key (so you can get back in if you get trapped). Not remembered: check the door to see if it's hot before opening. My actual reactions were: That's not my alarm! Find jeans, shoes, jacket, room key! Open door, look to see what's going on. Evacuate to the ground-floor stairwell, where a small group had gathered and were passing around rumors. Wait for a guy to report back from the front desk that it was a false alarm.

Final word was that someone hung their clothes from the sprinkler head in a 4th floor room despite the sign saying not to do that, and the sprinkler head came off, set off the alarm, and doused the room. Hope the occupants learned something...

And it took me 45 minutes to come off the adrenaline rush and get back to sleep.
Tags: travel

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