Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

About to begin

I spoke to my contractor from the Denver airport Friday, to see what was going on. She has gotten the building permit (took longer than she had hoped) and things will start this week. She'll come by with her construction supervisor Monday to go over the job, and then demolition starts Tuesday.

So, I've spent the weekend finishing up the packing of the kitchen, running the last loads of laundry (I assume: can't see why they wouldn't have most everything cleared out before next weekend), and trying to find places for all the miscellany that was in the utility room. Oh, and removing things from the walls, like broom holders and the grid. I tried to remove the Elfa shelf that I put up in the laundry area, but it is clearly designed to be a permanent installation--it's up with nails into plastic anchors in the drywall, and the one I pulled out left a big hole. I'll leave that to the pros. If they ask I'll get them to save the shelf and the main fasteners for it, and I can cut off a short section and use it for the shelf over the new utility sink.

I've done some work on protecting the rest of the place from the inevitable dust--my brother helped me move the piano out from the wall (had to happen eventually, as that wall will be painted after the door has been removed and plastered over), and I covered it, the bookcase of cookbooks, and the upholstered dining chairs with old towels and blankets. Need to do the little desk, too, and then add a plastic sheet over all.

All that's left is the coffeepot, a few items in the dishwasher (which I'll run tomorrow evening), and the sink rack and stuff, all easy to move at the last minute Tuesday morning. The guest bedroom is a disaster area, as I ran out of time and places to stow things. I think I'll cancel the cleaning service for Tuesday, and give myself 2 weeks to try to get things in a little better order--be nice to have some of the carpet clear enough to be vacuumed.

Have not worked on my taxes. Next crisis!
Tags: remodeling

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