Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Tax break

Took a break from LJ remodeling updates to get the taxes done. I got them printed out about 11:00 last night, then got up this morning and checked them before e-filing the Federal return and heading to the office with the 4 envelopes with the checks (Federal and State 2005, Federal and State 1st quarter estimateds for 2006). I probably should have gone ahead and paid the Federal by direct debit to make it fully electronic, but I was fixated on having to use the bank account to do that, and there isn't enough in the bank account. Later it clicked that I could almost certainly have used the broker account information for the direct debit. Duh!

Oh, well, the only extra cost of having written the checks is the postage to mail them and the fairly short wait in the Post Office line to mail them with a confirmation. No, I don't mail them Certified.

Having been good about the estimated payments for 2005, I didn't even have to fill out the form to try to avoid a penalty--I'd paid enough of what I owed during the year. That's the goal: pay enough to avoid a penalty, but also avoid giving the government an interest-free loan.
Tags: financial

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