Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
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Back to the kitchen work

No one worked last Friday, which was a disappointment because I'd hoped to meet the construction supervisor, Tyson. But his child had a half-day at school for Good Friday, so he was off. Friday afternoon I did go meet the contractor at a lumber yard to pick out a new exterior door. I got there first and found a door that I liked, mostly on the merits of the amount of glass it had--three high panes, but low enough that I could see who was at the door.

However, that door was designed for larger front entrances, not a back door (actually, door to the garage--but guests do come to my garage door), and to get it in the size I need was a custom order. Slow. Expensive. Like $730, and 6 weeks. On the other hand, there was this nice, solid wood, 6 panel door for about $300, and it can be picked up tomorrow. I decided the 6 panel door would be just fine for the garage, and I'll buy a peephole and get them to install it.

Today was the electrician and crew, and tomorrow will be, too. I actually did meet them thanks to my late start (after checking the taxes), and they were still here when I came home to change before Jazzercise. Today they've installed the new meter box on the outside of the house, run the new service wires to it (but not connected them), put in the wires for the new panel, and run a good bit of the wires for the new outlets in the kitchen and utility room. Tomorrow they will actually move the panel and hook up the new meter, so the power will be off at the house for half the day or more. The exterior work is a code requirement--current code says that the wires must stay outside the house until the meter, and there must be an exterior disconnect (for fire safety, I think). The original construction had the service wires attach to the corner of the house at the eaves, and immediately run inside the attic and wall down to the old meter (which is still on the outside of the house).

Tyson, who I'm pretty sure is doing the framing himself, must have come at some point because there's some work on framing and drywall. The base plate between the kitchen and utility room has been removed, the Cat Room wall is framed, the hole in the drywall by the pocket door has been patched. On the other hand, the sheet of drywall over the old door from the hall to the Weird Room has been removed so the electricians can work on the new panel.

I'll update the picture pages later. Must get back on my early bedtime, so I can be up and showered before the work crews show up.
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