Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Upcoming work

The contractor called me this morning--well, I'd called her to mention that the work on the pocket door may have loosened the shelf supports in the pantry and gotten her voice mail, so she called back. She'll have the shelf supports checked out. The support beam to replace the load-bearing wall is, I assume, still going in this week--she did say that they'd checked out the ends and found that the garage end jack studs will be resting on the foundation wall, and the other end has a pier under it in the crawl space to take the load. I asked a question about how the joists will be tied in, and what about those big 4x4 posts that angle in from the roof supporting something, but she doesn't know. All that is in the realm of things left to the job supervisor, whom I've still not met.

She did say that they plan to sheetrock next week, then probably do the tile the following week. The tile guy will be in to do his final measurements, and I'll have to get the tile ordered through my architect (or maybe through her for the backsplash tile and through Home Depot Expo for the floor tile, where I found it). Must re-check the price at HD, so I'll know if the architect's discount at her tile supply place is a Good Deal.

Having sheetrock and tile done will help a lot with livability in the house. The sheetrock will (I think) be the last major dust-creating activity, so I might be able to remove some of the plastic and cloth that I have shrouding things in the Weird Room. The A/C won't be losing cool air through the holes in the floor and ceiling.Tile on the floor will mean I won't feel I have to put shoes on every time I cross the construction area, like when I"ve just staggered out of bed and want my first cup of coffee.
Tags: remodeling

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