Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Today's work

Oh, the status report: more electrical work today. Mostly I noticed (other than the lack of power to the coffee pot) light switches that moved, and they've removed a couple of old fixtures and put in temporary fixtures instead. It's an adventure trying to find the right switch, especially since they leave a few lights on every day when they leave.

I wonder if they've figured out that the switch on the wall beside the picture window at the front of the house controls the outside pole lamp at the far end of the garage, on the side? Took me weeks after I moved in to work that one out.

The contractor told me that the new pocket door location at the guest hall used to have a pocket door--the framer found an old door casing in the wall when he was going to put the new one in. Life's a circle...
Tags: remodeling

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