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Friday's activity

Today was finishing on the framing, I think--at least there were some sounds of general nailing and sawing earlier in the morning. I left to run errands when the nail gun kicked in, nailing down the subfloor. I see a few patches have been added to the subfloor, like where the old utility room plumbing came out. The large pile of trash that had been taking over the driveway went away.

The guy that was still here in the afternoon doing cleanup said the new door for the utility room-to-garage entrance won't be here until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I got him to help me put up some heavier plastic over the opening for the duration. Let's hope the temperature stays mild--I don't think the R value of that plastic sheet is very large.

Contractor called to say that the plumbing inspection would happen today (haven't checked the posted permit to see if it did), then electrical probably Monday and framing Monday or Tuesday. Sheetrock will start after the framing is signed off on. She also let me know about the subfloor nailing--it seems lots of the old nails had worked loose, and it all needed to be secured before the tile backer board goes down. This counts as an "unexpected condition" and costs extra: $75. All this inspection stuff will lead to paying off the subs for those pieces, so she also warned me that there will be another "draw" soon.



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Apr. 22nd, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
Wow! I just got to see your before, demolition, and during pictures - the countertop picture is gorgeous.

Are your cats freaked out by all the changes? Fidel and Inca were SO wary of every workperson and loud noise when we did the flooring and windows! It was a good thing it was all finished long before Raoul was returned to us; he freaks when the garbage truck makes its normal run.

I hope the remodeling continues smoothly!
Apr. 22nd, 2006 01:56 pm (UTC)
I've been amazed at how well they are handling it, especially Agatha. For most of the time, they are 2 closed doors away from the noise, but Agatha is the cat who generally hides in the bathroom cabinet when anyone strange enters her house. She'll generally slink away under a bed when she hears a vehicle pull into the driveway--sort of like Raoul and the garbage truck. But by Day 2, she was to be found curled up on the bed while the various workmen tromped around, hammered and nailed, and generally caused lots of unexpected noises. Either that plug-in Feliway stuff is really working on soothing them, or they have adjusted much better than I'd hoped on their own. Or both.

The main sign of stress I see is that Agatha wants to eat very quickly, something she does when I'm out of town or when the suitcase has come out from a trip. It's a "help, my environment is changing and I might starve to death" thing, I think.
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