Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Remodeling status

Waiting on inspections. The automated scheduling of the electrical inspection (supposed to happen when the electrician called it in) didn't--the computer system driving it was installed right after the permits for my job were issued, and it seems there was a glitch. As of this morning my job is supposed to be in the computer, and the inspector will try to get to it. As he has 28 other houses to do today, tomorrow is more likely.

Then framing inspection will follow, so sheetrock may not start until Friday. Or Monday, as it seems they don't like to start at the end of the week. I won't put up the extra plastic sheeting (dust protection) until I get the word on exactly when the sheetrock crew will be here.

Tile guy's truck broke down, keeping him from getting over to make his measurements so I can order the tile.

I forgot to ask about the back door--I'm getting tired of having to duck in and out of the plastic sheet, and having to track the relative status of "cat location" and "garage door". I like to leave the garage door open for a while while the car cools down, so I have to shut the cats out of the construction area until it's closed.
Tags: remodeling

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