Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Construction supervisor for the morning

It's Friday, my day at home, and it looks like I'm spending it as a job supervisor. The framing inspector showed up at 8:05, so I showed him the job site, told him how to get into the basement to check the footings under the beam supports, and noted that the holes in the top plates of interior walls (drilled for electrical wires) must be filled with insulation before the sheetrock goes up.

It's now 9:20, and a delivery truck with sheetrock is here. The truck guys and I decided they should put it in the utility room, there being insufficient room in the garage without moving other construction materials, and there's a possibility of rain over the weekend. I wonder if they came earlier, while my garage door was still closed--some heavy truck ran over my newspaper, grinding bits of it and its plastic bag into the driveway. Had to call for a replacement.

There's some hope that Tyson, the real job supervisor/lead carpenter, will show up today with my new back door and get it installed. The contractor said yesterday that if the door came in, Tyson would try to put it in while waiting for the framing inspector. I don't think I'll call and let them know the inspection is done...

Other construction news: tile guy still hasn't measured, so I haven't placed the tile order. And contractor is preparing a new draw request now that the rough-in inspections are done. I'll go by the credit union and get a check cut once I have the amount from her.
Tags: remodeling

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