Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Drywall started

The drywall work started--the big sheets are up, and are vigorously outgassing. I think I'll leave the windows open tonight...

There are lots of smaller holes yet to be patched (light fixture holes, old switch and outlet locations, etc.), the metal edges have to go on the outside corners, and then mudding, taping, and sanding.

The place is a mess, and it will get worse, I'm sure. Dust and debris piles in the construction area, lots of drywall nails on the floor, stuff like that. Someone did roughly sweep a path through the middle for me, which I swept again before I started trekking back and forth this evening. I'm keeping the cats out, much to their disgust--they want to investigate.

I put up a sequence of pictures of the remodeling that I'll try to add to as things go on.
Tags: remodeling

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