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I don't know what triggered it, but I developed a craving for barbecued baby-back ribs. Called next door, asked if they had dinner plans (no), and would they like to share if I cooked ribs (yes). So I stopped at the grocery store where the baby-back ribs were conveniently on sale and bought ribs, veggies, and some artisanal whole-clove garlic bread.

Got home, called next door to ask if I could take over their kitchen to make the sauce, thought about it, and just hauled everything over there--trying to deal with big slabs of raw pork either in my dining room or bathroom did not appeal. Slapped the ribs on my grill and started turning and basting with sauce, and about an hour and a half later we chowed down. Craving satisfied...

(The garlic bread was very good, too--a chewy, open-holed white bread with whole cloves baked in it. Sort of like a ciabatta in texture.)
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